Insider Testimonials

The best way to visit any place is to GAL – Get A Local. Kevin took us from Foggy Bottom to The Mall highlights and he was fantastic and animated! Becca guided us through 3 museums at the Smithsonian and made actual sense of all the great stuff to see. I think the storytelling is DC insider tours’s best asset because at the end of your trip, the history and present state of Washington DC makes actual sense. Two thumbs up guys! Thanks for capping our family vacay with a bang :)”

                                    – The Molinas from PH, TripAdvisor, June 2017

Our group had a blast on the electric bike tour! Zipping around D.C. was not only fun, but super informative. Bo and Emily were friendly, energetic and made us all feel safe and comfortable. It was the highlight of our time in D.C.! Don’t miss this tour.”
                                               -Katie, TripAdvisor Review, June 2017

Highlight of our long graduation in DC. Staff was very flexible is setting up our private tour for 8. Kevin was an outstanding tour guide, engaging, funny and very knowledgeable. Our group had very mixed experience level and ranged in ages up to 70. The staff adapted to both the fast and slow riders and made everyone feel comfortable. The bikes were a perfect way to see the sights. One tip, its a bit hard to find the location. It is in an alley across from a coffee shop. Highly recommend.”

-Cheryl, TripAdvisor Review, May 2017

Three of us thoroughly enjoyed our 3.5 hour electric bike tour today. Our guide, Bo, was not only enthusiastic, but extremely knowledgeable about the multitude of sites we experienced throughout Washington. The bikes were fun and easy to ride/maneuver. We felt safe and completely at home on the road with our second guide who road at the back to ensure everyone was taken care of. For anyone who’s experienced any of DC’s traffic, the bikes were a welcome change as we were able to zip around and right up to all of the sites. Some might be hesitant about the price of the tour, but it was so well thought out, organized and professional that it is beyond worth it. Bo’s information and experience was so in depth that we felt it warranted a tip on top of the cost. Each of us have seen the monuments before but Bo had new and interesting facts to share so we left having learned so much as well as had a wonderful time!

– Helen, TripAdvisor Review, May 2017
There is nothing like a night tour in DC – as the city sleeps, Bo guides you through the historic city at 20 mph!!
                                                       -Kyle, TripAdvisor Review, March 2017

Although we enjoy walking, we were a little wary of being on our feet for 6 hours. Two things we didn’t count on: Washington is an amazing and beautiful city and our guide, Kevin Place, who walked over 50% of the time backwards just so he could face us and the other couple who accompanied us on the tour. Kevin bowled us over with his high energy, knowledgeable and insightful understanding of the history of this great town. Very highly recommended. And by the way, there are lots of opportunities to sit for a few minutes including lunch. Don’t miss it and if you get on a tour with Kevin, you won’t ever forget it.”

-Mlipman, TripAdvisor Review, May 2016



Fast, Furious, and Fabulous!

Family of five on our first trip to DC and we did all that we could fit in with DC Insider Tours. Bo, Becca & Matt were excellent guides…they skirted the things that might slow us down and not fit what we were looking for but took the time to give us history refresher courses, answer our boys varying questions (9, 14 & 16 yo) and generally led us on the most pleasant but fast paced touring vacation ever. We spent around three days with them and they were top-notch at every time, patient, professional and above all they were kind. We saw DC from the perspective of DC Insiders; they have a knowledge and pride in our Capital that it is deserving of…we walked away realizing we would love to come visit again and would certainly call on them to show us some little known gem that we would miss on our own.”

-Stacey, TripAdvisor Review, June 2015


I have been to Washington DC at least a dozen times. Used guide books, taken tours, and just enjoyed. But, the only way to see Washington DC is with Bo! He communicated with me so professionally and promptly in setting up the tours. His enthusiasm is contagious! He has so much knowledge and visual aids to back it up! We did the DC in a Day on Wheels, so we covered a lot of ground! Sooo amazing! We then did the Museums in a Day Tour. After two full days, Bo was like family; he connected with each of us!!! There is no comparison between a tour with Bo and one of those companies! Trust me – this is it!!! He even took photos of us – so we could all be in them. Water in the car. Nothing is missed – so professional, informative, exciting. . . .”

-Michelle, TripAdvisor Review, May 2015


We went with Bo who is a non-stop story teller. It’s hard to imagine he can keep the pace but he did. We were four fit 65-70 year olds and the tour is a workout, on our feet for almost 8 hours with a 30 minute lunch break. Highlights for me were the details about the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. I’d say if you haven’t taken this tour, or one like it, you haven’t really seen Washington. Well worth the money.”

-Imjives, TripAdvisor Review, April 2015


We just finished our 2.5 hour walking tour titled “Swamp to Swank” with Bo, and it didn’t disappoint. First of all, Bo has tremendous enthusiasm and knowledge of Washington DC. Second, he has facts that you just won’t get from visiting sites on your own. Third, he was great with our group in answering questions. The 2.5 hour walking tour went by very quickly, mostly because it was so enjoyable. Our only regret is that we should have done the walking tour earlier in our trip. Well done Bo!”

-Warren, TripAdvisor Review, April 2015


We spent two days with Bo touring DC. We wanted to see as much as we could in just a couple of days, and the weather was cold and wet, so we arranged a driving tour. Bo had a driver with him, and we were able to quickly move from place to place – but spent adequate time discussing the monuments, neighborhoods, bridges – and whatever else we felt like talking about. It was a great time, and we learned a huge amount about DC, it’s history and culture. I’m sure in nice weather the walking tours are great also. Communication by email before and after the tour was reliable with Bo, and he and the driver were always there on time. A tour with Bo is highly recommended!”

-Steve, TripAdvisor Review, March 2015


We visited DC for a day from New York during our recent trip, so it was essential we fit as much as possible into our day. We ended up taking DC Insider’s Cherry Blossom tour with Bo – and it was absolutely fantastic. Bo was so helpful over email in the months before our visit as we tried to decide the best way to see DC in a single day. He also got in touch a couple of days before our visit to inform us that the cold weather meant that we wouldn’t be seeing any blossom.

As a result of this, he offered to adapt the tour to include both the National Mall and the city. In the end, we opted to learn more about the National Mall as we’d already spent the morning in the city. The tour also took in Foggy Bottom and passed the Watergate Hotel, before reaching the monuments and memorials.

Bo’s knowledge of the city is incredible, and we couldn’t have wished for a better guide to show us ‘America’s Backyard’. It was really interesting to hear Bo’s stories from his years in DC and to hear his opinions of the memorials and monuments. We were genuinely disappointed when the 4.5 hours came to an end.

Thanks Bo for a fantastic tour!”

-Sam, Julie and Jess, TripAdvisor Review, March 2015


Upon booking, Bo was was able to tailor our tour to our individual needs and wants. We were traveling as a group of 5 and hoped to hit a few sites including the National Mall area and White House and Botanical Gardens.
Bo helped us plan our itinerary so that we could make the most of our day. He even suggested some great restaurants along the way. He was more than helpful to make sure we had all of the information we needed to make the most of our trip.
A few of the ladies on our trip had been to DC before and had been on various walking tours. We were ALL impressed by Bo’s knowledge and attention to detail. His stories were were interesting and went at a great pace.
Bo picked up us at one of the restaurants in a nice SUV w/ a driver. We were only able to have a 2-3 hours tour, but it ended up being jam-packed with DC knowledge and we were more than satisfied. This was well worth the extra $ for the quality we received.
We would most definitely book with Bo again when we return in the future.
Fantastic, A++, Can’t say enough good things. Thank you DC Insider Tours! Well done.”

-RiverRose, TripAdvisor Review, February 2015


Bo is so knowledgeable about Washington D.C. His energy and enthusiasm is catchy. I learned so much. People where constantly joining the group due to Bo’s passion relating the stories about Washington at the sites we where at. 100% recommendation – Best thing to do in Washington. it.”

-Domenica, TripAdvisor Review, January 2015


I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the world, hiring private guides from Medellin to Kyoto, from Hanoi to Istanbul. Finding a professional like Bo is not easy, and all the more pleasing when it happens. This occasion was my company’s event, where we travelled to Washington as a group for the weekend. Bo brought enthusiasm, theatrics, passion, and knowledge together to create a really memorable experience for us all. I can’t count how many ‘two thumbs up’ votes I got from the whole team. HIRE THIS MAN. it.”

-SugareeFoodie, TripAdvisor Review, January 2015


I decided to get a present for my sister. This is a woman who is frugal to a fault, so I didn’t want to tell her ahead of time that I had arranged a private tour. And frankly I was afraid she was going to be mad at me for spending what, for us, is “a lot” of money. All I can say SPEND IT, whether you can afford it or not; it made our entire stay in Washington so much more full than it ever would have been.Now for the context; my sister’s son lives in DC, so we are not strangers. When calling to arrange the tour, I conveyed that information. I was met with the question, What do you want to do? And I had no answer, so I said surprise us. Bo conducted our tour. Wow is all I can say. If that guy doesn’t have an eidetic memory, I’ve never seen one. There was nothing we asked about he didn’t know and gave us the background and interesting stories about. We went to a farmers market to the White House to memorials, original homes and so much more; it was the fastest three hours I’ve ever spent in my life. Not only was it interesting, it was totally entertaining. Bo could absolutely be an actor or comedian, a facility with language, images and story telling; the best! This guy loves what he does and loves sharing it with you, as I said the best.In addition we had a driver named Miguel ( I hope I spelled it right), get him too if you can. Whenever we got out of the car and walked to or around or into some site; when we were done he was there. How that happened, I will never know, because we bounced all over the place. Also when my knee gave out and I wanted to see a memorial, but couldn’t walk to it; he found a way to position the car so that I could see the whole thing. Amazing man! There is so much more that I could tell you; but let me sum up… I finally told my sister the cost, and she wasn’t mad at me at all. Later that day when we had dinner with her son and his wife who live in DC, they thought it would be a great idea. And it is, do it! There is no way to predict the quality of your guide, usually, some are bored, they’ve done it a thousand times. This guy loves life, what he does and wants you to have a great time. We did; thank you Bo!Note: Bring a tape recorder, I wanted to remember everything, but there was so much I couldn’t. I don’t have Bo’s memory.”

-Sue, TripAdvisor Review, December 2014


Matt was a fun and informative guide!

We took the 6-hour DC in a Day tour and it was fantastic. Of course anyone can visit the monuments or wander through DC’s neighborhoods for free, but DC Insiders will add so much enrichment and enjoyment to the experience! Matt taught us the REAL history of the city well beyond what can be found in the history books and kept us entertained throughout the 6 hours. I just moved to the city, so it was a great way to get to know some of the neighborhoods I haven’t yet visited, but I’m sure that whether you are a first-time visitor or long-time resident you will find DC Insider to be well worth it.”

-Eric, TripAdvisor Review, November 2014


Spectacular private chauffeured Monuments by Moonlight Tour!

I arranged a private chauffeured Monuments By Moonlight Tour for our wedding party of 9 following an early dinner. Bo Stanton put together a first-class 3-hour tour in a classy black Mercedes Sprinter limo van with driver.

Bo was our private guide and led us on a fun evening tour of the monuments with in-depth historical descriptions that kept us entertained the whole time. Bo has the enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and passion for delivering a first-class experience. This was a wonderful way to entertain a small group of guests, and it was a big hit. Most of us were out-of-towners who had flown to DC for the wedding ceremony. Several of our guests were residents of the DC area and said it was the best tour of the national monuments they had ever had. I highly recommend Bo Stanton with DC Insider Tours! He loves his work and it shows!”

-Tim, TripAdvisor Review, November 2014


Massively knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide!

We booked a private tour with Bo. If you meet anyone more enthusiastic and knowledgeable than him in your lifetime I will be astonished. We had four hours with him in the tipping rain and yet he kept us interested and enthused as we learnt all the insider info about the capital. We are overseas visitors, with a teen, and Bo made sure that we had the relevant background to all the stories he told. Highly recommended.”

-Debra, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014


Outstanding Private Group Tour!

We had an outstanding private group tour. I highly recommend Bo. He was prompt, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and open to questions and suggestions. His passion for the city and its history was visible in every word. He was attentive to the group’s pace and responsive to our requests. Bo and his tour kicked off our week on the right note.

-Heidi, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014



Couldn’t be better!

We took the DC in a day tour. It was fantastic. Our tour guide was Becca. We had 2 children in our group age 7 and 12. She made to tour memorable and special for all of us, age 7-65. The stories she told, little details at every stop, will stick with me for years to come. Worth every penny.”

-Ahodges, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014


This is the walking tour you do not want to miss!

Our tour guide, Bo, was just the best. He is oh so knowledgeable about DC history and he makes whatever the subject so alive and interesting. He even kept the interest of the young teenagers on our tour — they also said he was cute. He is just a wealth of DC history knowledge and truly loves to share his knowledge with great enthusiasm. i did end up checking on some of his stories, because I never heard of this stuff and it all checked out as legitimate. Sorry to doubt you Bo but I had to verify it. I have done other walking tours in DC and other cities and this was the best of them all. Well worth the money. Educational, entertaining, and fun.”

-Vytaul, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014



We’ve been to DC several times and have wasted hours and hours trying to show ourselves the sites. We did the Highlight Reel after being referred by friends and couldn’t be happier – 4 hours flew by, our guide Bo was great, and we learned more than we could have ever hoped. Highly recommended. Do it. Call Bo.”

-Zack, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014




Took the “Darker Side” tour and absolutely loved it! If you are looking for an interesting evening give this a try. Bo was even nice enough to walk with me where I needed to go after the tour so I didn’t have to wander alone.”

-Traci, TripAdvisor Review, October 2014


Energetic and informative!

2 1/2 hours of this high energy, information gathering, myth debunking, walking, talking tour of the Foggy Bottom and the memorials on the mall was about all I could take… in a GOOD way. My mind was whirling with all the thought provoking knowledge and tidbits of information that Bo shared so effusively. There was not one question, in a group of about 14 of us, that he could not answer. Because I participated in the tour as part of a business event I didn’t have to pay for anything except the tip most of us gave Bo at the end. Having said that I would definitely come back to DC and hire DC Insider Tours, specifically Bo, to show us around again. Absolutely worth it!”

-Yomomma, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014



I am a fan of guided tours, and I travel quite a lot… so I take a lot of tours. I like to do a tour the first day or night of arrival — it just sort-of helps me get my bearings and also gives me ideas of what I don’t want to miss later in the trip. So, my (adult) daughter and I signed up for the Ghosts, Scandals and Murders Tour… I wondered how things would go even with signing up, as it is done through email. Answer–it was wonderful. Bo emailed me back quickly and we had things all set easily. Very impressed with the attachment he included in the email about Washington, DC info. He continually offered information about anything I wanted to ask. Wow. So, we met up and he continued to WOW us. He is, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic tour guide I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with. He is also a sponge — just oozing with information. He told us so many stories, I just wish I could remember half of them! I was enthralled with each, but at some point I was on overload I guess! So… for anyone who wants a fun tour of Pennsylvania Ave. and enjoys hearing a bit of ‘dirt’ about previous lifestyles, make sure you take this tour!! Well worth your time, and not too expensive! Thank you Bo!”

-Kazzoo, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014


Wear a good pair of walking shoes because Bo will take you “ALL OVER” DC with stories you will never hear on a tour bus. I am 71 year of age and I made it thru to the end. The tour was the 6 hour tour but ended up being near 8 hours. Bo would walk backwards while talking so we could hear the stories clearly. Bo is a excellent storyteller with a passionate voice. This is a memory I will share with my friends.”

-David, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014


Outstanding Tour with Matt!

We really enjoyed our 6-hour walking tour with DC Insider Tours. Our terrific guide, Matt, brought DC history alive. We loved the route and the variety of information he covered, plus his willingness to answer questions. I’d recommend the tour to people who live in the District or people who are visiting town. It was really fun!”

-Robin, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014



Absolutely Awesome!

I’m a little late in posting this, but that’s no reflection on the experience I had with DC Insider Tours. For anyone going to DC for the first time (or even repeated visitors) wanting to learn about DC – look no further, this is THE tour you want to take, trust me. With relatively little notice, I was given the opportunity to go to DC for the first time for a business conference and really wanted to take in some of the sights, but had a limited amount of time. Based on the reviews I had read, I decided to try to set up a night tour with DC Insider. From the first email i sent, I was impressed with the personalized service and attention from Bo. We were able to arrange a tour for the first night I was in town – which served as a fantastic introduction to the city. There were only three of us on the tour that night, so I really felt like I had my own personal guide that was there to take care of me, unlike what you would find on the larger bus tours with the masses. Bo was incredibly knowledgable and enthusiastic, eagerly pointing out sites and sharing details of the sites that would likely go unnoticed. He welcomed questions and spontaneously offered additional suggestions on what other things to do while in town. Our tour lasted well beyond the stated length of time because there was just so much to see and hear about. Let me also say, that I almost never take the time to write reviews on line, but Bo definitely deserves this. I cannot say enough good things about my experience – I will definitely sign up for another tour with DC Insider Tours if I have the opportunity to do so.”

-Chris, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014


Washington DC in a Day!

Our family took the “DC in a Day” tour. This is a 6 hrs and 30 minutes walking tour with a 30 minutes lunch break. It was our first time in Washington DC and we wanted a tour that would show us as much about Washington DC and later go back to the more interesting sites in Washington DC. The tour did not disappoint. We completely enjoyed the tour. We started the tour a DuPont Circle and walk our way to Embassy Row which were Mansion in the old days. Bo, our guide, told us some of the history behind some of the mansion on Embassy Row. Next was Georgetown and we went over the house that JFK lived, the narrowest house in Georgetown, and a girl’s finishing school where some of our forefathers camped out hoping to marry rich. We headed to the waterfront and the infamous Watergate hotel. Next was the beautiful monuments in Washington DC starting with the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, and the Washington Monument. Our last trek of the tour is the White House passing by the Treasury and why it’s located between the Capitol and the White House. We hope to take the “From Swamp to Swank” tour when we return to Washington DC next time.”

-Tak, TripAdvisor Review, September 2014


Absolutely fantastic!

My family and I joined Bo for the six hour city walking tour, which actually lasted eight. Most of the day was just the three of us with Bo – talk about personalized service! To say we got our money’s worth is an understatement. There is no better way to truly get the lay of the land and the secret squirrel inside scoop of the District than with DC Insider. Bo’s passion and depth of knowledge immediately impresses and carries the day, making for an engaging experience that even kept my 11 year old son interested! There is so much of the area we would never thought to have explore had we not joined the walking tour. When you have a great guide like Bo you can just absorb the experience without the effort of figuring out where you need to go on a map, continually digging through a guide book or worrying where to find a bathroom! Bo perfectly blends technical facts like how the monuments were constructed with the nitty gritty tales of the city such as that of the hope diamond. As a college history major I was in heaven! Great stuff!

So get out there with Bo and DC Insiders – you’ll love it!

Note that if you spend the day with Bo like we did, pack lots of water, a snack or two, wear good walking shoes, hat and sunscreen. Our lunch stop was a buffet office complex restaurant meant to accommodate many appetites. Bo defers to you so if you need a Slurpee stop or cupcake break on the way no problem!”

-Todd, TripAdvisor Review, August 2014


Glitz and Glam – worth every step and penny

We are long time residents of DC and enjoyed every second of this tour! Bo clearly has a love of this city and a great gift of stortytelling. Walking through Georgetown and northern Dupont Circle will forever be a magical glimpse into a fascinating past and cast of characters. Thanks for making our streets become even more alive, Bo.”

-Sarah, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


My family and I went on the 6 hour DC Insiders city walking tour. Bo, our tour guide, was very energetic and knowledgable. He kept our attention by constantly providing facts of DC’s rich history, culture, scandals, and major/minor landmarks. Bo continuously made sure everyone was comfortable and answered any/all questions. I recommended DC Insiders tours and want to join another tour soon.”

-Bradley, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014



We called DC insiders on a whim Monday afternoon and were greeted by a friendly and cheery voice who booked us on the Swamp to Swank, Foggy Bottom and Monuments Tour. The meeting location was very easy to navigate to and Bo was waiting, early, with sign in hand, as to not mistake him with any other tours or groups walking through the area. It was a small group (3 of us) but that did not deter Bo from giving a sold out forum performance. His energy and enthusiasm for the city is inspiring and contagious. Without giving away any specific details Bo creates a well scripted journey from Foggy Bottom’s past to future. Also, do yourself a favor and pick Bo’s brain. As we stopped at various points we even noticed people from other tour groups stopping to listen in to the wealth of knowledge Bo had to share. You can really feel his passion for the city and it’s history. From start to finish we can not say enough good things about this tour. We are looking forward to the next one.”

– Jeremy and Diane, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


Bo knows his stuff!

My husband and I were in DC in late June and took one of Bo’s tours – “DC in a Day”. It was fantastic, and gave us an excellent overview of the city’s history, monuments and neighbourhoods. It is apparent that Bo is a well researched tour guide who takes his job seriously. He loves DC and wants to share all of it with you.

Although the tour was 6+ hours, it went by relatively fast and not a moment was wasted. It was also nice that it was a small group – 5 people. He had an informed answer to pretty much all of the questions posed, and provided interesting anecdotes on both the political and social history of the city.

This tour is definitely worth paying for. I have been on countless walking tours around the world and this was one of the best. There was nothing missing from this experience.”

-Allison, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


Bo is Awesome!

We took the walking tour of the city with Bo. He was fantastic! Of course, he was knowledgeable about the normal sight seeing things but it was the insider information that was the most interesting. Bo tells a lot of back stories that you’ve probably never heard about DC. I tried to stump him by inquiring about random things such as old buildings we passed by but it didn’t work. He had a story or informative comment about everything I pointed out. I would love to take his other tours. This tour is worth the time and money!”

-Vanessa, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


This tour was absolutely incredible!!!! I am originally from
The DC area and my girlfriend and I came to visit recently on our trip we took the DC in a day tour (6 hour walking tour) the tour guide (Bo) was exceptional he was filled with all sorts of knowledge of every site we went to and kept all parties of the tour fully engaged you honestly won’t even realize you walked for 6 hours!! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOUR!!”

-Ben, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


An Amazing Tour With An Outstanding Guide!

I highly recommend the 6 hour walking tour! Bo, our tour guide, gave an AMAZING tour of DC. He is an outstanding guide – very engaging, knowledgable, very skilled at conveying DC’s history, and very open to taking questions. It was clear that he extensively prepared. We were presented with a great narrative of Washington, DC’s history. I highly recommend DC INSIDER TOURS to anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of Washington and the changes that have occurred there throughout the years. Don’t miss this tour!”

-Michael, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


My 20 year old daughter and I purchased our June 8, 2014, DC Insider tour online before leaving for our vacation. It was a 6 or 7 hour walking tour and we did not get bored for one minute. We saw so much and we learned so much more about what we were seeing by going on this tour! We really enjoyed seeing and hearing stories about Georgetown and the riverfront area was just beautiful and, of course, the monuments and White House! Bo is an excellent guide and would definitely recommend this tour to anyone!”

-Charmaine, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014


Great insider’s view!

Bo is an excellent guide who is clearly passionate about the city. I learned a lot about the important US history in one day and also many interesting trivia about certain places, including some catfish-eating ducks in the National Mall 🙂
If you want to see different angles of popular monuments – do this tour!
He also can recommend good places to eat / have a drink – so another plus from me!”

-Lia, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014


Excellent tour!

My fiance and I did the DC in a Day tour in April and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Bo was extremely knowledgeable and showed us some great sites. We particularly enjoyed the monuments.”

-Grace, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014



Great tour!

Bo was really entertaining and knowledgeable and made the trip really worthwhile. Enjoyed every bit of it and had some marvellous stops with locals giving us unique insights into Washington landmarks. Bo’s energy and knowledge made it all the more fun pointing out obscure things like the Kilroy was here engraving at the WW11 memorial.”

-Kent, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014


Best Tour Recommended by TripAdvisor to Date!

We took the Swamp to Swank-Foggy Bottom to Monuments at Night tour on our last night in DC and, after the tour, we immediately regretted that we waited so long to take the tour. We would have happily taken another couple of tours from Bo. He is the best tour guide we’ve ever had (rated on knowledge, enthusiasm, and humor), and we’ve had some of the most excellent tours referred through Trip Advisor. Bo had unparalleled knowledge of every part of his tour, delivering very interesting facts with great enthusiasm and humor. He was happy to provide detailed facts, statistics, and trivia to questions we asked of him. One of the most impressive things is that Bo is incredibly detailed as to sources and, if he did not know what the source was, he immediately made it clear that the fact was based on rumor or conjecture and gave the source of the information (usually a newspaper or other source). Bo spent over three and a half hours with us to make sure that we were completely satisfied, even though the tour was supposed to last only two and a half hours. We loved the little things he did like showing the back and side of the Lincoln Memorial, which was just as impressive as the inside. Bo also made sure that special features were pointed out (things that a standard tour guide would never point out or just gloss over) like when he pointed out the plaque where MLK stood when he gave his famous “I have a dream” speech and gave details of the speech and facts about him. Most importantly, Bo was very funny, which made the tour go by much quicker. We heartily recommend Bo and hope to see him the next time we’re in DC. Thanks Bo!”

-Ruyama, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014


Excellent tour!

I did the 6 hour walking tour of DC and it was great – Bo had so much information and covered all the highlights of DC. I felt like I got an excellent overview of the city and its history. He also had suggestions for restaurants and bars we should check out during our stay. I look forward to visiting again and taking another one of the tours!”

-Stacey, TripAdvisor Review, June 2015



Get to know the city.

We scheduled our tour on the first night that we were in the city. it was a great way to check our surroundings and get to know where we were staying in relation to other parts of the city. I was hesitant that I would be able to get through a three hour tour without getting distracted, but our small group of four had so much fun that we actually made it a four hour tour and never got distracted by the time. Bo was insightful, polite, and even gave us his information, so that if we had any questions during our time in DC we could contact him. We took him up on his offer when we had a free evening and asked him for some restaurant suggestions in an area we weren’t familiar with. His dinner suggestion was excellent. A big thank you to Bo and DC Insider Tours.”

-Stacey, TripAdvisor Review, June 2014



Great for Visitors and Residents Alike!

I recently went on DC Insiders’ “The Highlight Reel” tour, and I absolutely loved it! As a three-year resident of DC, I was really impressed by Bo’s deep knowledge of the city’s history and how that history shaped the DC that I know and love today. I had no idea that I knew so little about the memorials that I thought were so familiar. Now I see them in a much more complete way! Thanks, Bo!”

-Bryce S., TripAdvisor Review, May 2014


Highlight of our Trip!

DC Insiders was recommended to me by another family member who had gone on their night tour. They raved about Bo and how much fun they had and what an insight he had to the whole DC experience. I cannot tell you how much fun we had with he and Becca. We were lucky that the four people in our party were the only ones in the group. What a special treat!!! Bo’s knowledge of the area and his enthusiasm for telling the stories was the highlight of our trip to Washington DC. If you are thinking about going to Washington, book Bo at the front of your trip, it will be well worth it and the night tour, what an experience. Thanks again Bo and Becca!!!!”

-Marchon, TripAdvisor Review, May 2014


See Washington from a totally different perspective.

After reading about different tours of the capital, we decided to go with DC insiders for our first in depth stay in Washington. WHile we come to DC a couple of times every year with the honor flights, this was to be our first time to really “see” the city.

As it turned out, This tour was the highlight of our trip.

Bo, the owner, guide, lawyer, and all around good guy, gave us an in depth look at Washington that we would have never seen on our own. Isn’t that why we do tours, to see things that we wouldn’t see on our own? Well, Bo does a GREAT job of showing you little things about some of the biggest sights. He also peels back the layers to give you Washingtons real story, the one that you won’t find in the history books. He held our attention, and made us wish we could hire him for the rest of our trip, and in a way we did. He was never more than a phone call or text away long after our tour was over. We stayed in contact daily after our tour, as he gave us recommendations on additional sights to see, restaurants to eat at, and the best ways to get around the city. I could go on and on about Bo and his abilities as a tour guide, but as you can see from the others that have taken his tour, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Bo, for sharing with us your love for such a great city! Kim and I really enjoyed your guidance!”

-Jeff, TripAdvisor Review, May 2014


E Trifecta – Entertaining, Educational, Excellent!

This was not only the best tour in DC that I’ve been on, but one of the best tours I have been on anywhere! Becca was my Tour Guide and she was amazing. She not only has a fun personality that made the tour enjoyable throughout, but the knowledge of DC history and culture to back it up. I went on the “Swamp to Swank Tour of the Monuments at Night” and having been to the monuments many times previously, I was surprised how much the tour added to the experience and was kicking myself for not going on the tour sooner. This is definitely the best way to see the monuments. Not only are the monuments beautiful at night, but on the tour you learn history, legends, and trivia that makes DC Insider Tours the exceptional, stand out choice for making the most out of a trip to Washington DC.”

-Luz, TripAdvisor Review, May 2014



Booked the DC in a day tour for our first day in Washington so we could quickly get our bearings. Form start to finish Bo was informative, fun and entertaining. As we strolled around he drew our attention to many buildings that we would have missed if we were on our own. We weren’t hustled from monument to monument either. We strolled leisurely around as if we were all friends hanging out. Although the tour was supposed to last 6 hours, it was nearer to 7 hours. Bo was not clock watching and he shared his enthusiasm for his adopted home with us. He was happy to give us tips for further sightseeing. Would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Would love to do the museums tour and the From swamp to swank tour on my return to Washington. Thanks to Bo we saw an amazing city with a great guide.”

-Grace, TripAdvisor Review, May 2014


Wow! Wow! Wow! You get what you pay for!

After researching many tour options, I decided this was the best option for us. I made sure to schedule it for our first full day in D.C. We choose the DC in A Day Tour – best bang for the buck. Great decision. Bo was readily available for any pre trip information and advice on what to do in the early morning prior to our meeting point at Dupont Circle at 1:00 pm. This was a 6.5 hour walking tour, but due to his extensive enthusiasm and our willingness, it actually lasted until 8:30 pm , where he guided us back to the nearest metro stop to our hotel. Honestly – we were exhausted but would not have missed a minute of his exuberant narrative and expertise.

WHAT A WONDERFULGUIDE and fun and informational tour. Looking back at the map and area we covered on foot, well, we saw areas we never would have without this tour. It was a great intro to the city and since we only had four days, it was amazing. We never would have ventured into these areas on our own and probably would have only stayed at the attractions on the mall. Prior to meeting Bo, we toured the Newsium and then took the metro to Dupont Circle where a farmer’s market was in full swing. It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect day- still chilly in the shade.

We were lucky in that we had incredibly nice people on our tour. Seven in total from diverse parts of the country and we enjoyed the company. Bo stated he keeps his tours small, 12 max or more if within the same party, but these are intimate, private tours, totally worth the price and then some. This was during the peak cherry blossom festival season and we were so lucky to have this small group tour.

We toured Embassy Row, Georgetown, Rock Creek Park, Foggy Bottom and George town University area (stopping for lunch in an economical, diverse university area)) the Waterfront (viewing Kennedy Center and the Watergate Hotel) The Lincoln Memorial, National Mall , memorials, museum descriptions and overviews with incredible amounts of insider information on how to spend the rest of our trip.and parts of downtown, ending at the Whitehouse..

In total we walked 13 miles that day according to our Fitbits. I figured nine total for the tour. Bo kept asking if we were able to continue and we all agreed – who could leave this wonderful tour!

I would suggest you be acclimated to walking and wear good shoes!! Bo did this entire tour walking backwards!! While he gave us incredible stories and histories you will not find on any other tour. My husband will be 71 this month and I am 60 – so let your own body be your guide.

Since this “first day” tour was comprehensive of many DC neighborhoods and the mall south of the Washington Monument and a walk through the mall, we were able to focus the rest of our trip on actually visiting the museums on the mall. The last day of our trip was dedicated to Capitol Hill, the Botanical Gardens and the American Indian Museum and the Smithsonian Art Museums.

A great trip. We are well traveled and this rates as one of our best tours- the best for information, fun historical facts, and personal attention.

There are several DC Insider tours of shorter duration to choose from, equally impressive and fun. Choose what fits your desires and activity levels, but definitely book a tour with BO!”

-Glynis, TripAdvisor Review, April 2014


Fabulous Glitz, Glam, and Gossip tour!

Really enjoyed Bo’s tailored walking tour of Dupont Circle and Georgetown. He was readily available beforehand to help choose the right tour for us and then delivered a great experience on the day. Bo is very knowledgeable and passionate about Washington, sharing many little known facts that we would have missed if we had done this on our own. Would recommend this tour and we will be back again to take another of his tours.”

-Colin, TripAdvisor Review, April 2014


Simply Amazing!

My finance and I did the Dark side of DC Tour over this past weekend (April 4-6). We had wanted to do something that was a little off the beaten path and this was exactly it! Our tour guide Bo was awesome and so incredibly knowledgeable about all things DC. The tour was geared towards scandal, deceit, murder, and ghost stories so we got to learn about things I had never knew about the city before. With all of our chatting and questions the tour took a little over 2 hours, but was well worth it. We definitely highly recommend Bo and DC Insider Tours. I will definitely be checking out the other tour options available the next time we visit DC!”

-Ali, TripAdvisor Review, April 2014


WHAT A TOUR!!!!!!!!!!

Signing up for the “D.C. In a Day” tour is a very long one that needs a great tour guide, and who better than Bo to lead the group through the streets of our nations capital? This tour with Bo was awesome! He makes history actually sound interesting- telling us the most noteworthy and rarely heard stories of D.C. He is very nonbias. If you had go on one tour in D.C. it would have to be with Bo, hands down!

P.S. I am a teenager

-Aram, TripAdvisor Review, April 2014


Repeat Customer! Fantastic Tour! So Fun! Go on this tour!

Last year at this time we went on our first DC Insiders tour. Bo was our tour guide, and being a fellow Gator we immediately bonded. This year, my sisters and daughter and I were in DC to celebrate my birthday. We chose the Ghost Scandal tour. We had a great time, even in the rain. Bo brings such enthusiasm to the tour and you learn so many interesting stories! My sister the history buff loved it as much as I, who is not so interested in boring details! He brings visual aids, so you can picture the people he talks about. The walk on this tour was easy. I highly recommend this company and we will certainly book another tour when we are in town again.”

-Laura, TripAdvisor Review, March 2014


A Truly Unique, Fun and Very Interesting Day

My wife, college aged son, and I went on the 6 hour DC in a Day Tour last Saturday. This is the only walking tour of this scope in DC, and from the early afternoon into the early evening we strolled through and all over Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, the Mall, downtown and the White House area with Bo Stanton, perhaps the most enthusiastic, engaging, knowledgeable and just all around fun guide I have ever been with. He regaled us with political anecdotes, architectural insights, sharp edged biographies, a sure sense of geography / topography / urban development, and his deep understanding of Washington DC and wider American history, all well laden with choice words, great humor, empathy and at times some good old fashioned cynicism about the political process. We ended the day feeling we had really seen and absorbed and understood how Washington has made it to where it is today. If you enjoy long walking tours, great company and just knowing stuff, Bo is the guide for you.”

-Breck, TripAdvisor Review, March 2014


Awesome tour …I could have gone 4 more hours!!!

Bo was energetic & has a wealth of knowledge about the city and its history. I’ve lived in the D.C. metropolitan area all my life, but I never really took the time to explore the city in depth. I took the Highlight Reel Tour & I wish I had done something like this years ago.

Bo was very professional & engaging. He encouraged lots of questions & I didn’t disappoint as I am very curious & inquisitive. He never made me feel like I asked too many questions. He is very passionate about the city & really liked that he pointed out so many things that I never would have noticed on my own. I feel like our group had our own insider’s VIP tour with all the things he pointed out.

He offered several bathroom breaks along the tour. The time went by so quickly, I can’t believe that it was 4 hours long! I will definitely take advantage of his other tours in the future. I highly recommend taking one of Bo’s tours. Wear some comfy shoes & get ready to have a blast touring the city with Bo! You won’t be disappointed!!”

-Felicia, TripAdvisor Review, March 2014


We took the four hour “highlight reel” walking tour. Our tour guide, who is also the owner, was wonderful! He was very responsive via email and eager to answer all my questions in determining what tour to take. His instructions in meeting for the tour were easy to follow. He was on time and prepared to make our day a good one. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his history lesson, much of which was given while he walked backwards. We covered a lot of ground, but he offered many opportunities for water and restroom breaks. The walk was long, but not difficult. He went above and beyond to meet and exceed our expectations. He gave us many other recommendations for how to spend the balance of our time, all of which turned out to be spot on! I highly recommend D.C. Tours!”

-Cyndi P., TripAdvisor Review, March 2014


I have been to DC many times but have never enjoyed it as much as I did this last time thanks in part to Bo at DC Insider tours.

My husband, myself and my 12 year old son took the Swamps tour at night. It felt very “local.” The weather was perfect. The monuments were beautiful and Bo’s stories were great! I will never go to DC for a vacation again without doing at least one of Bo’s tours. Its a must do! Worth every dollar!”

-Genie, TripAdvisor Review, March 2014


Exceptional Walking Tour, Highlight of our Time in DC.

Right from our first contact with Bo, I was impressed. We were in DC during a time that there were no scheduled tours but after emailing Bo, we had a time and date set up for both a 4 hour Highlights Reel tour and a 2 1/2 hour Glitz, Glam and Gossip Tour especially for our family. He was incredibly obliging and flexible as days before our first tour the weather forecast was for -13 degrees celsius which did not sound appealing, so after an email request, Bo changed the tour to the next day. So appreciated that.

Bo’s passion for and knowledge of his city and it’s history is truly impressive. For well in excess of the expected 4 hour tour, Bo entertained and amazed us with his detailed stories of different places and events. We learnt so much that would just not be possible in any other way than a walking tour. For the entire time on both tours, we all thoroughly enjoyed Bo’s energy, passion and knowledge and his incredibly interesting way to impart the information. Our children (aged 10, 14, 16) loved it too and that is high praise, to keep children engaged for such a long time.

Thank you Bo, your tours were the highlights of our time in DC.”

-Susie C., TripAdvisor Review, January 2014


Awesome tour!

I meant to do this a long time ago as our trip was 8 months ago, but better late than never. This trip was awesome, just our group and one other made it very personal. Bo took extra time with us and we learned a lot. We only had 48 hrs in the city, and wanted to see as much as possible and this tour definitely made that happen. Would absolutely recommend this tour.”

-Tara G., TripAdvisor Review, December 2013


Wow! What an amazing tour! Had to take a second . . . !

We visited DC during Thanksgiving week. Our first tour was “From Swamp to Swank-Foggy Bottom/Monuments at Night” on Monday night which was so fantastic that we had to return on Wednesday nighty for “Ghosts, Scandals and Murder” which was a night tour in the Federal Triangle. Bo Stanton is a true historian and a wealth of knowledge. My wife, 16yo son, and I consider these tours as the highlight of our DC trip. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill bus tour with cold seats and a blaring speaker. Much more personalized with plenty of Q&A along the way.”

-Tim G., TripAdvisor Review 2013



I had no idea I knew so little about DC!

I am a native Washingtonian and I have just returned to the area after living in other parts of the country for 20 years. My friends visiting from out of town and I had a limited window of time for a tour of DC. Bo and Becca were very accommodating! They carved out the best of the best from the “DC in a Day” tour and we did it in just 3 hours. Bo and Becca’s enthusiasm was contagious! We thoroughly enjoyed oresting “insider” details. Wow! I didn’t realize how little I knew about my own home town! I recommend the “DC in a Day” tour to visitors and to locals also. The tour made me feel very proud to be from DC… and it reminded me of how proud I am of our country and the men and women who created it. I can’t wait to book another tour with DC Insider Tours!”

– Mary R., TripAdvisor Review, November 2013


Fantastic tour!

I did DC in a day tour on the 31st of October. 6.5 hours may sounds like a lot but it is a fantastic experience. Bo keeps you entertained and give you knowledge and insight in to Washington D.C that is well worth the time and the price. Starting in DuPont circle and finishing at the White house, there were so many highlights. Bo was such a Fantastic guide. His knowledge on the history of Washington, scandals, legends and folklore story of various sites make you to truly appreciate everything Washington has to offer. If you get the opportunity make sure you go on a walking tour with Bo, you will go away thoroughly satisfied that you both “visited” and truly got to know Washington D.C.”

-Tim Z., TripAdvisor Review, November 2013



Fabulous time in DC!

Glitz & Glam of DuPont Circle & Georgetown was an excellent walking tour. Bo is definitely passionate and knowledgeable of DC! I would recommend this tour to everyone except maybe kids that get board easily or anyone not wanting to walk very far. However; for us, it was our favorite tour during our stay in DC! Thanks again Bo!”

-Tammany, TripAdvisor Review, October 2013



Great tour by Bo!

I had been to DC on many prior occasions for work, but never really explored the city. We were coming in town for the Army Ten Miler run and decided to cram some sight seeing in the couple of days before. With so much to see and do we decided to book with Bo so we could get a condensed personal tour. With this being the day the shut down ended it was just the two of us and Bo. Despite the small group Bo gave us a first class tour worth every penny. I would highly recommend Bo for anyone looking for a more personal and energetic tour of the city. Thanks for everything Bo!”

-Clay W., TripAdvisor Review, October 2014




Great way to see DC!

We visited during the shut down and we still saw a lot and learned a lot. Bo was very enthusiastic and was a wealth on information.”

-Simone H., TripAdvisor Review, October 2013




Do not miss this adventure!

We took the swamp to swank tour with Bo on the 8 th of October and although the government was in shut down we still had a fantastic time. Bo’s raw energy is amazing his enthusiasm and his knowledge for the city is truly a credit to him, there is no way to fully understand the city without one of his tours you learn the story behind the city and things that you would just normally walk past come to life with amazing history and detail. I would truly recommend Bo’s tour you won’t be sorry, only sorry if you don’t book with him!

Wish we where staying longer to do another tour ,when we visit again we defiantly will do another tour. Thank you Bo for enriching our lives with your culture ,history, your excitement for DC and passion for life ,it was truly our highlight of DC.”

-Kellie D., TripAdvisor Review, October 2013


Awesome tour!

My husband and I took Bo’s DC in a Day tour last weekend. It didn’t matter that a number of monuments were closed because of the government shut down. Bo’s knowledge, passion and friendly nature were infectious and we had a most enjoyable, interesting and educational experience. Full marks to Bo and we will certainly take another tour with him if we are lucky enough to make it back to Washington.”

-Sue C., TripAdvisor Review, October 2013


Un – BO – lieveable tour!

My husband Jentry organized a private night tour for 6 of our close friends and us, most were first time visitors to Washington, D.C. and our tour and our guide Bo was absolutely fantastic, seriously our group had a super-wonderful great time! Bo REALLY knows his stuff and he provides an energetic, entertaining presentation with passion and great insight. This is a MUST-DO for first time visitors, locals, history lovers and those who don’t want a cookie cutter tour. Lastly- my husband and I have traveled plenty and have taken a lot of tours and this was hands down the best tour we have ever signed up for! Thank You Bo!”

-June & Jentry N., TripAdvisor Review, October 2013


Excellent tour of DC!

Having been to DC numerousntimes to see the monuments and museums decided to look for a different experience. Very happy we found the DC in a day tour. Bo has a wealth of information that he knows about the area. Learned a lot about the history of the different area in DC in a fun and entertaining way. Would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who wants to learn about DC.”

-Jeffery G., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Information packed!

I took Bo’s DC in a Day tour this past weekend. Although the weather was far from gracious, Bo’s infectious attitude about the history of DC amazed me and kept us walking through the rain to hear more. He is obviously passionate about history and knows those things that goes in most people’s ears and out the other. The tour started in Dupont Circle and weaved through Georgetown…through the Foggy Bottom… to the Watergate Building…and ending near the National Mall. If you take the all day tour, wear very comfortable shoes, as one in my party did not and she suffered the next day. Thanks Bo. I will take another one of your tours next time I am in DC without hesitation. If you send me your address, I will send you some authentic Chicago giardiniera.”

-Chuck, TripAdvisor Review, September 2013



We have just finished our “DC in a Day” tour with Bo, which was absolutely marvellous. Bo’s passion and enthusiasm is truly infectious and his knowledge of DC and its history made the whole tour so absorbing that we felt taken back in time. Bo welcomed questions and was comprehensive in his knowledge. Bo’s consideration for his guests, such as stopping in shady spots to explain interesting details, ensuring we were ok for toilet breaks and were regularly refreshed were much appreciated on a hot day. Bo’s insight and knowledge made this tour one of the best tours we’ve done in all the many countries we’ve visited. I would recommend to anyone visiting DC to take this walking tour. Every moment was so interesting and the day passed so quickly I was sad that it was over. The lunch stop was good, with a great variety of food at a reasonable price and some good conversation. We wish you all the very best, you do the city proud.”

Many thanks,

Anne and Alan, TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


DC by night – a delight!

We have just completed a tour of Foggy Bottom and the memorial mall – by night.

We were lucky enough to have a private tour with Bo who was great at answering our questions and also nice enough to laugh at our jokes.

We met Bo at the appointed time at Foggy Bottom metro station – simple and easy.

Bo started the tour by telling us he was passionate about DC and by the end of tour we knew just how passionate. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the city and its history is infectious. We are now firm fans of DC too.

The best bit about the tour is seeing the Memorials at night. There’s a lot less people around and the memorials are beautifully lit. To see the reflection of the Washington memorial in the pool as seen from outside the Lincoln memorial is breathtaking. We were also very fortunate to be practically the only ones at the WW2 memorial, so were able to appreciate it in quiet solitude.

We had a great time, and thoroughly recommend Bo’s tour. Our evening tour started at 8pm and ran over 2.5 hours. Wear walking shoes and bring your camera!”

-Nicola, TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


So much covered in just one day!

My husband and I did Bo’s DC in a Day tour when we were in the States last month. We loved the fact that we could walk and see the sights – not just drive by them in a sightseeing bus! We were amazed with Bo’s knowledge, enthusiasm and energy. He gave us so much information, not only historical, but also true “insider” stuff. The route of his walk is well-planned with loads of variety – we saw so much but didn’t ever feel rushed or hurried. We found the tour great value for money and would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a walk and great sightseeing with a knowledgeable guide.”

-Jane P., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


My husband and I are pushing 60, so we were a little hesitant to book this tour, but Bo maintained a comfortable pace and his energy was contagious. Bo makes the tour a great adventure. Along with the monuments, Bo also takes you to places you won’t know about. While giving you interesting historical information that makes the hours fly by. You can see he really enjoys his work. We are looking forward to bringing the grandkids the next time so he can show them around. I would highly recommend th DC in a day tour because it is more than sightseeing, it is immersing yourself in America’s history!”

-Carol D., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Do yourself a favor and take one of Bo’s tours!

My husband and I took the DC in a Day Tour and we were both completely blown away! Bo’s is an enthusiastic, kind, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable tour guide. Unlike many other tours Bo never tried to push other tours, or attractions. He was completely focused on sharing his wealth of knowledge of the area with our group. I would recommend that you take this tour earlier in your trip as possible.You will see most of the larger monuments in the mall but you will want to revisit and reflect on the information shared by Bo.

We have taken many many tours and this was the by far the best, most fun and thoughtful tour of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Boafoa K., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Bo Knows DC!

I know so cliché. But Bo was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and flat-out entertaining. I’m and old retired Marine and I definitely do not move as fast as I used to but Bo’s energy and enthusiasm got me fired up and ready to go. My greatest concern was for my 5 yo daughter who decided to just wear flip-flops for this 4 hour walking tour Bo had personalized for us. Again, Bo’s energy and fun facts and inside information about DC and its various sites and monuments kept my baby girl going. The most amazing thing is seeing Bo walk backwards for 7+ miles. He never once stumbled, tripped, or fell. The guy is incredible! My wife and kids are still talking about it. Haha! Thanks Bo for making our visit to DC a memorable one.”

-Abel S., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Great tour for DC residents as well as out of town guests!

My wife and I went on an evening tour with her parents when they visited DC. We all had a great time and were so glad we booked the tour. Bo and Becca were really fun guides and had tons of interesting, little-known facts and stories to share. My wife and I learned a lot of new things even though we’ve lived in DC for years. My parents-in-law loved the tour so much they were still talking about it the following day. It was truly an ideal activity for our group and a fun change of pace from the usual museum circuit with out of town guests. I would recommend DC Insider Tours for anyone looking for an interactive, outdoor activity for a group – small or large.”

-Andy L., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Amazing tour!

My wife and I went to DC for only 3 days, but this tour allowed us to see what most people take a week to see.

We met Bo outside one of the metro stops and the tour started from there. Bo was on time and ready to go! We walked from there through several neighborhoods and Bo narrated the entire trip with interesting facts and intimate knowledge of all things DC.

This tour allows you to see things you would never find ‘on a map’ and learn about the history that makes DC so cool. From the infamous house in the Alger Hiss case, to the Watergate, to the memorials and monuments, there wasnt a dull moment on this tour, and we can’t say enough about Bo. Bo is an amazing story teller; he keeps your attention because his delivery of information is so passionate and thoughtful, it was truly an amazing tour.

Word to the wise, this tour is all walking. No segways, busses, cabs, or trains, you will put some miles on, so be prepared. We loved this about the tour because the exercise factor was great. The only bit of feedback would be to allow people more time to walk up to the Lincoln memorial; as the tour is built today, there simply isnt enough time to allow everyone to run off on their own. This didnt hurt the tour at all, as we simply went back to the Lincoln memorial and the mall that night (which I highly recommend, all the memorials and monuments at the mall are amazing at night!).

If I havent summed it up enough yet, I will stop by saying, JUST DO IT! Fantastic tour!!

Thanks for your passion and time Bo, you do a great job!”

-Adam, TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


One of the best tours I’ve taken!!

As a Tour Director I have taken MANY guided tours so when I say this one is fabulous (We did DuPont Circle and Georgetown.), trust me! Bo is extremely knowledgeable and shares the most interesting historical facts. Plus, he’s definitely not limited to a “script”. Ask him a question (which he encourages) and he knows the answer to that too. Bo was always upbeat and went at a comfortable pace so age definitely isn’t a limitation on his walking tours. He even made sure he was stopping in shady areas since it was hot that day and took us to a place so we could buy a drink along the way. He seems to think about everything!

If you’re looking for an individual, family or group activity, I would highly recommend DC Insider Tours.”

-Donna A., TripAdvisor Review, September 2013


Favorite part of our DC trip!!

We did both the Dark Side of DC and the DC in a Day tours. It was the highlight of our trip! My 10 year and 13 year old got a little bored with the museums but were totally interested in these tours! Most of what my kids remember about DC is from Bo’s tours. We learned way more than we ever would have seeing these sites on our own! Bo is great at teaching you a ton of history while making it seem like you are listening to a well-told story. The amount of information he knows is amazing! Even my 62-year old history buff Dad learned something and really enjoyed himself! I cannot recommend this tour enough. We had a blast!!”

-Dandra B., TripAdvisor Review, August 2013


Wow, what a tour!!

Bo is an enthusiastic guide with a vast array of knowledge about Washington DC and its history. He does an excellent job of sharing his insights and love of the town with you. He gives anyone new to DC or someone who has been here many times a glimpse into the city and all it offers. We spent 6 hours with him and enjoyed every minute. Even when you get tired at the end of the day, he will peak your interest. I recommend this to anyone visiting this great city!!”

-Mike M., TripAdvisor Review, August 2013


Awesome nighttime tour!

We went on the nighttime foggy bottom and monument tour! It was amazing! Bo’s knowledge and enthusiasm for his job was overflowing. We learned so much about the monuments and the history of the city we were reciting Bo’s information the rest of our trip. It was just my family of four and a friend of Bo’s on our trip. It was so personal without the feel of being on a “tour”. It even ended with homemade cookies from his mom’s bakery. They were amazing as well!! I would strongly recommend this tour at anytime,but the beginning of a trip to DC sets you up with valuable information about the city. Thanks Bo!”

-Cathy, TripAdvisor Review, August 2013



Limited time in DC, so glad we chose this tour!

We were in DC for 2 days so we decided to do this tour to make the most of our time, and this was definitely the way to see DC. We took the Foggy Bottom night tour. Bo’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and we thought we learned more about DC during our tour than all our collective formal social studies and history classes in our lifetime. I wish Bo would put his tours on DVD. He is really watchable and learning about all the stuff he knows is fun.”

-Toni Z., TripAdvisor Review, August 2014


Perfect tour! Bo is fantastic!

This walking tour is great. Walking at your own pace! We did it at night time to beat the heat in DC. Bo was fantastic, and told us so many fun facts! My teenage son kept engaged for over three hours, and we would recommend this tour for anyone who wants a small personal tour.”

-Mary B., TripAdvisor Review, August 2013


Still the most memorable part of our trip…EXCELLENT!

We went on the walking tour (daytime) with Bo and WOW – it still is the most memorable part of our 3 week trip that we went on in June and early July. Bo really knows the DC area and kept it engaging and entertaining for our 15 and 9 year old sons. Our only regret is that we were not able to go on all of his other tours! If we were to do DC again, we would go on ALL of Bo’s tours – truly a highlight! Thanks again and again, Bo! You’re incredible!!!”

-The Rosenthals in GA, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014



Such a fun and informative tour!

I really enjoyed this tour! My friend and I went on the Glitz, Glam, and Gossip Tour and we really liked Bo’s style. I have done the general White House and monument type tours, but I really liked that this one gave us a different perspective on DC. We covered information about all the DC socialites that built the amazing homes that are now part of Embassy Row, and then heard really neat stories about the politicians that went to parties there and that lived in Georgetown. Bo totally was able to customize the tour to our interests and I learned a lot and had fun. Bo is so passionate and you can tell he really goes above and beyond.”

-Katie R., TripAdvisor Review, July 2013


Bo knows!

We took ‘The Dark Side of DC’ tour and thoroughly enjoyed the information and enthusiastic presentation! Bo is such a fount of knowledge about DC, it was an amazing tour…well worth the price and very interesting. It’s evident that Bo has a passion for DC history. Next time we’re back, we will book another tour.”

-Joyce, TripAdvisor Review, July 2014


The Bo Show!

Bo was outstanding! Very knowledgable and passionate about the city! Would recommend him any day of the week!

-John D., TripAdvisor Review, July 2013


Just walkin’ around with our new friends Bo and Becca.

The pre-tour customer service helped make this tour even more amazing. Communication is not a problem. Bo and Becca were immediately friendly and inclusive. Bo’s knowledge is extensive, but he’s not adverse to learning new stuff when asked questions. And we peppered him with questions. He didn’t mind. He also gave general vacation tips like good restaurants around our hotel and where to go to see a little nightlife. His joy in relating

unknown tales is evident. Since, it was Becca’s 1st time doing the tour she held back and let Bo’s innate showmanship shine through. But, she was a font of tidbits too. Delightful! The 2 hours flew by and we didn’t want them to end. This is what learning about history should be like. Thank you Bo and Becca – best tour of our trip!”

-Melissa C., TripAdvisor Review, July 2013



Outstanding tour and tour guide!

We were in DC for a conference and booked this tour after reading Tripadvisor reviews. Our tour guide, Bo, was awesome to accommodate our schedule and our group of 6 were the only ones on the tour. We took the Foggy Bottom tour and couldn’t believe the information we learned from Bo, he should be teaching history at GWU. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bo for a tour when in DC.”

-Brian B., TripAdvisor Review, July 2013


Awesome tours of DC!

Bo’s knowledge of DC gave us such a good insight to the city and it’s people. The city was brought to life with stories of intruige, and we loved our tour so much (DC Insider) that we arranged to do the Ghosts, Scandals & Murders tour the following evening. Small groups (6 on first tour, just the 2 of us on the second) meant they were personal, felt like we were being shown around by an old friend. Cannot recommend highly enough, will never forget our time in DC with Bo!”

-Jared R., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Best Ever!!!!

First, I’d like to say that I had an amazing ‘insider tour’ of San Francisco, so I had pretty high expectations. Well, my DC Insider Tour was just as interesting and amazing. Bo did not disappoint. My adult son who recently moved to DC and I went on the 6 hour Saturday tour which took us to many of the district’s ‘must see historical destinations’. This was my 4th long day of non-stop walking in DC so I was a bit concerned about making it. However, there were enough points of interest and short (shady) stops that it wasn’t a problem.

What set this tour apart from others is Bo’s ability to bring the characters who shaped our capitol to life. He has a wealth of knowledge and in-depth information that isn’t necessarily in the history books, but certainly fills in the gaps of what is more commonly known. I especially enjoyed learning about the people-their motivations and demons, and how our capitol became what it is today. If you enjoy large group tours that just re-iterate what is found in their brochures, this probably isn’t the tour for you. But if you have a thirst for knowledge and a love of history, DC Insider Tours with Bo is must!”

-Janice D., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Tidal Basin and Scandal/Ghost Tour

First and foremost, what an amazing city! If I had to do it all over again I would try and spend as much time w Bo as possible. We did a private tour of the tidal basin and then in the evening we did the scandal and ghost tour. What an amazing day! He was extremely knowledgable and always excited about the city and telling us what he knew. He was extremely flexible if we wanted to talk or ask questions he was open to any discussion or debate we had. He is possibly one of the greatest tour guides I’ve had and I’ve been on plenty of tours. Worth every penny and times 3! I would definitely use Bo again when we return to DC.”

-Melanie C., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Feel like you’re walking with your best friend!

This tour was fantastic but what made it so mystical was our tour guide, Bo. His passion for the city was contagious as he shared his extensive knowledge of our Nation’s Capital. It was a walking story book of history, debauchery, scandal and honor. I was a bit worried about the length of the walk but it was perfect. It was such a casual experience. If you want a canned tour, go someplace else. If you want to feel like a part of the city and experience a personal connection, call Bo.”

-Muriel, TripAdvisor Review, June 2013



Taking a walk with Bo!

Wow! We had an incredible time touring the sights of D.C. with Bo. He has a passion for the little things that help create a memorable experience. Be sure to wear great walking shoes. The four of us (me, my husband and 2 teenagers) really enjoyed the walking tour. Engaging conversation with a “local insider” beats recorded messages on buses any day of the week! Thanks Bo for helping to make our vacation just that much better! You rock.”

-Judith H., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Great Day in DC!

We found Insider Tours through TripAdvisor and we were not disappointed. Bo did a great job of providing a first rate tour of Washington for our family of 4. We were a bit worried about walking for 7 hours with our boys (11 and 16) but as it turned out, they loved the tour and didn’t complain once! Bo offered great insight into the history of the city and covered both the basic history as well as the”behind the scenes” stories which made the tour really interesting and fast moving. Highly recommend Insider Tours to anyone visiting DC who wants more than the standard “hop on, hop off” tour.”

-Dan D., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Excellent tour of DC!

Bo has an infectious energy for the history of DC. We learned so many interesting things. Tour sizes are small for a much more intimate experience. Bo welcomed any and all questions we had and if he did not know the answer he looked it up and emailed us later, so sweet. It is a very laid back stroll. We were worried about walking for 6 hours but it was an extremely comfortable pace with lots of stops and quick breaks. It was our favorite part of our visit to DC.”

-Brynn H., TripAdvisor Review, June 2103


Great for all ages!

We took the 6 hour tour with our 10 and 12 year old sons. Bo held our attention all afternoon and we learned a ton! He’s a very well read, naturally curious person, doing something that he loves! If he doesn’t know the answer to something he’ll research it and get back to you with the answer. He gave us great tips for the remainder of our visit as well. I fully expect that his tour will continue to rise on the trip advisor rating scale as more people discover it (It has already gone from 11 to 7 in the last 2 months). I would choose this intimate experience (it was just the 4 of us most of the day) over ANY of the other tours that we encountered today.”

-Kathy, TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Knowledge and Passion!

I have so much great and nothing negative to say about Bo and his tour. The tour is a small group (4 persons total in our group) to allow a personal connection not available by the larger tours. I’ve never been on a another tour where the guide offered to use my camera to take pictures of me and my son. He has high energy and a passion for the inside stories. If you are looking for a great afternoon chalked full of American history, a tour of the Nation’s capital and lots of not-so-common tid-bits, I highly recommend this tour. The tour is rather long (in excess of 6 hours) and entails a lot of walking, so make sure you can handle several hours on your feet and wear comfortable shoes. I should mention that he schedules a rest break 1/2 way through the tour at a very tasty restaurant in case anyone wants a snack, let us stop by a Seven-Eleven for drinks and plans another restroom break 3/4 of the way through the tour. I took my 6-year old son and was worried if he could handle it. However, Bo sets a wonderful pace and is mindful of the need for shady spots. My son did great, managed well, and on the walk back to our hotel after the tour said “Dad, I LOVED that!” I did too.

Thanks Bo!!!

P.S. My son and I agree that the complimentary oatmeal cookies were AWESOME!!!”

-Sam K., TripAdvisor Review, June 2013


Loved it and loved Bo’s pep!

My husband and I did the ‘DC In A Day’ tour in May 2013. It was honestly one of the highlights of our 3 week trip to the US and was worth every cent. We were so glad we took this tour as we had only a short time in DC and we really felt as if we had got a decent grasp of the city and its history, as well as the distinct characters of each DC burb/area we visited. The 6 hours just whiz right by as everything is so fascinating and Bo is such a great guide, I honesty have no idea how he keeps up his stamina as he literally talks the entire time, but in the most endearing and animated way, full of fascinating historical facts and stories. Maybe he has an intravenous coffee drip under his shirt, who knows?! He was also very gracious in the face of our sometimes bizarre questions (being Australian we perhaps sometimes perceived or understood things differently to Americans and as such kept asking random questions). When we one day make it back to DC we will definitely do another of the DC Insider Tours and I am recommending this company to all my friends (it’s also rather good for keeping the waistline in check after scoffing too many Georgetown Cupcakes!)”

-Michelle S., TripAdvisor Review, May 2013


Fitness, Fun, inFormation!

If you want the usual taped bus commentary or that given by a bored tour guide in Washington don’t do this tour. However, if you like to walk and see and experience things at ground level you have to link up with Bo and DC Insider. He is a personable, interesting and well informed citizen of Washington who generously shares what he knows with you. And what he knows is pretty damn good. There are lots of fun and serious bits of information, views of beautiful buildings and monuments and the stories behind them and, because you are walking, you experience details that are missed when traveling in a tour bus. Like a good teacher he leaves you wanting more and so you revisit the places he shows you on his tour because you understand and appreciate them in a different light.”

-Paul, TripAdvisor Review, May 2013


Great Intro to our Capital!

If you are a first time visitor or just need a re-orientation to DC, Bo’s tour is the way to go. This is no bus tour where you shuffle in and out and have no personal interaction with your guide. This is a small group (only 4 in our tour) lead by a very personable and knowledge local guide who has done his homework and is a fountain of knowledge on both the big picture and interesting facts and trivia you won’t get from the bigger tours. Make sure you bring good walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the time of the year. The day walking tour covers lots of ground and after about 6 hours you will be ready for a well deserved stop in one of the local pubs that Bo will be happy to point out. This tour really wetted my appetite to come back to DC and spend much more time digging into the remarkable history of our capital.”

-Stan P., TripAdvisor Review, May 2013


Great Night Tour!

My wife and I arrived in DC a few days before our DC Insider tour with Bo. We learned quite a bit, but the tour really took our knowledge of the city & monuments to the next level. The weather ended up being perfect and Bo knows so much we could have gone on for hours! The tour was a great experience and we’ll recommend to any and all friends visiting DC.”

-Jake H., TripAdvisor Review, May 2013



My wife and I did the DC in a Day: The Insider tour and it was great! Bo had tons of great sites to see all over the city and passion for what he was talking about. The tours goes all over DC so be prepared to walk. We stopped at a great place in Foggy Bottom to grab a bite and drinks and then continued on. We highly recommend Bo and his DC Insider Tour.”

-Dave S., TripAdvisor Review, May 2013



DC in a day – an absolute MUST!!

My friends and I have done many walking tours over the years, but our DC in a Day tour was by far the most exciting, interesting, FUN, informative, and enjoyable.

Bo was so passionate about his city and so full of amazing facts that our tour actually lasted 7.5 hours! : )

On this tour you’ll get to see every ‘major’ sight of DC, plus the hidden gems. The best part is Bo’s knowledge. You’ll get to learn things you never would by doing it on your own (What controversy surrounded the design of the Vietnam War memorial? Where is the ‘typo’ at the Lincoln Memorial? etc.)

Highly recommend this tour – it’s a lot of walking, but you’re too busy having fun and learning about DC to worry about sore feet.

Thank you Bo for making our whirlwind visit to DC everything we hoped for!

-Fi, Michelle, and Tara, TripAdvisor Review, May 2013


Great, Comprehensive, Family Friendly tour!

We had the good fortune to take the DC Insider “DC In a Day” tour on our recent visit to DC in March. I was apprehensive at first as it is a 6 hour walking tour, and we have a 9-year old son. Well, our tour guide (Bo) was very friendly as well as extremely knowledgeable and kept us all interested throughout the tour. His in-depth knowledge of DC history added so much to the tour, and gave life to the sites we were experiencing. The break half-way through was nice, and although it was good to sit for a while, we were all ready to continue to see the sites and hear Bo’s fascinating (and many times humorous) stories associated with what we were experiencing.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a full appreciation for DC, it’s birth, it’s life, and it’s present situations. Bo is informative AND entertaining throughout, not just for adults, but he also kept our 9 year old son’s attention the whole time. You will never be bored!”


-Larry D., TripAdvisor Review, April 2013


Foggy Bottom and Monuments at night. Took the tour last week and enjoyed every minute of it.The two plus hour tour seemed to fly by.Bo–our guide- seemed to enjoy his presentation as much as we did.His local knowledge and history was great.We highly recommend this tour during your D.C. visit.Thanks again D.C. Insider Tours.”

-Jim T.,TripAdvisor Review, April 2013



This tour is excellent. Bo the tour operator and owner is very knowledgeable about the DC history. Bo will point out things to you showing you things on the tour you would never see with a motorized tour company. Bo is passionate about history and DC do the combination lends itself to an awesome tour. The walk is slow so don’t let the 6 hour timeframe deter you its well worth it.

We wished we went the first day in DC so we would’ve known better where to focus our time.”

-Connie, TripAdvisor Review, April 2013


Amazing tour, amazing guide!

The tour was awesome. Bo, our tour guide, was both very knowledgeable and very passionate which makes for a great combination and a very fun experience. We were a group of 4 friend and super happy we took the tour since it really colored the city in a new light and gave us a sense of the history and development of the city.”

-Amit M., TripAdvisor Review, April 2013



Tour by Bo. Really interesting and well worth cost. Even grumpy teenagers engaged and interested! Quite a feat! Did the 6 hour overview tour. Wouldn’t hesitate to use DC Insider Tours if come here again for other areas!”

– Julie C., TripAdvisor Review, April 2013


I took the ‘Glitz, Glam, and Gossip’ tour yesterday and was so impressed. I live here in DC, but had a friend visiting from North Carolina and wanted to give her a bit of the DC tourist experience. We learned so much from Bo and Becca — they covered a great deal of information and history in a rather short period of time, and provided many details that I had never heard, even as a DC resident. Bo and Becca are fun and personable, and obviously take a great deal of pride in their work with the public and their knowledge of DC history. If you are looking to take a tour, you won’t be disappointed picking DC Insider Tours.”

-Lori W., TripAdvisor Review, March 2013


A fantastic way to see DC. I’ve just returned from the Insider walking tour offered by Bo and Becca, their longest. It was a fantastic way to get to know DC. It is an epic walking tour at well over five hours. The main areas explored in the city are Dupont Circle, Georgetown, The Waterfront, Foggy Bottom, The Mall, and finally the Federal Triangle culminating at the Whitehouse. The summary offered on the website is extremely accurate, and remarkable time is given to enjoy each sight in spite of it seeming such a lengthy list.

The success of this walking tour I think lies with Bo’s ability to tie in the amazing history of DC (and the United States) to paint a picture of how the contemporary city has come to be. However, his ability to engagingly present more anecdotal stories keeps it constantly entertaining. Becca is also a charming guide, and an equally engaging story teller.

Although a new company, and both guides have full time day jobs, I was impressed by the professionalism of their company. They provided a couple of small mementos of the tour, which was a lovely touch. Bo was extremely quick to respond to my enquiries online.

I’d like to finally thank Bo and Becca for offering the tour in spite of it being snowing, and there only being three participants. It was brilliant!”

-John T., TripAdvisor Review, February 2013


Bo our guide was great. Reading the DC Insider 6 hour tour description I was doubtful all could be covered. It was great. We covered all that and more. Bo is extremely knowledgeable of DC A-Z old & new. We saw things we would never have seen on our own… is a fascinating town!

We even worked through our 30 min lunch break (our choice!) and Bo was so into it we actually went 7 hours…the entire time he gave us everything DC. He was entertaining & a true ambassador for the city. We could listened to him even longer.

We have done walking tours in different countries, all highly rated on Trip Advisor, & this was the best yet.

Do this your first day in DC & you will truly understand this city better as you see other attractions on your visit. Great fun! Good job Bo!”

-James K., TripAdvisor Review, February 2013


Our favourite activity in Washington, DC. My husband and I did a lot of research into walking tours in Washington DC and chose DC Insider Tours because they seemed to cover the most areas and sites. What a great choice! We had a amazing tour with the entertaining Bo and his lovely understudy Becca. Both Bo and Becca were extremely knowledgable about DC and had fascinating stories to tell about all the areas we visited – the tour is six hours but they just flew by. I would highly recommend DC Insider Tours to anyone visiting (or living in) Washington DC for a truly comprehensive overview of the city and its history. My husband doesn’t believe in 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor but he let me give one for this!”

-Lisa W., TripAdvisor Review, December 2012


Awesome and unique tour experience! What a great tour!! I live in DC and used to just walk by many of these buildings, statues, and monuments without a second thought. But the DC Insider Tour really opened my eyes to all the amazing stories hidden around every corner of this city. The best part of DC Insider is that the guides don’t stop at the type of information you learn in your grade school history class – you learn that stuff too, but the tour is jam-packed with unique tidbits that you just can’t learn from a book! This tour is a must for anybody who wants to get a firsthand view of DC!”

-Jacob A., TripAdvisor Review, November 2012