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Back in Action!

Today’s the day! As of 1pm today, following this morning’s ceremony, the Washington Monument has re-opened. And it’s about time.  It closed August 23, 2011 after the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that shook up the city left it cracked in several places. Then, two weeks after the earthquake, Hurricane Irene stopped by and filled the Monument’s cracks…

Bringing Your Dog to DC?

Kaylee and Bo enjoying the fireworks on July 4th a few years back. Please note Bo’s fabulous mutton chops. Fancy DC private schools aren’t just for people! Becca and Oliver on Oliver’s obedience school graduation day. One of the observations our tour guests often make is how many dogs they see while on our walking…

DC’s Coolest Garage

Washington is best known for its columned, neatly-proportioned neoclassical buildings.  Indeed, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson thought that ancient Greek and Roman architecture was best suited for America’s capital.  What better way to help legitimize a young and vulnerable nation than to use the classical architecture of those great empires who spawned the republican and…

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