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DC Gets a Little Funky


As a city of businessmen and politicians, DC has earned a reputation as a “nerd town” of sorts. You can expect at any given time to look out over a sea of pressed and starched shirts, pencil skirts, and neckties.  But even the squarest city needs to let loose every once in a while.. and…

It’s a Bird.. It’s a Plane.. It’s….


Google’s self-driving car!  Keep your eyes open for this driver-less vehicle making it’s way autonomously around Washington.  And if you see it, be sure to send us a picture! Wondering why DC was chosen as the test city for this futuristic mode of transportation? We’re not.  DC is America’s guinea pig, and has been for…

Emanciption Day 2014


Today is Emancipation Day in Washington, DC, and the city has been gung-ho for this holiday for  more than a century. Being history – and DC-obsessed as we are – we wanted to find out exactly how Emancipation Day was celebrated on its first anniversary in 1863.  So we dug through our Evening Star records…

Smithsonian Sleepovers


Calling all kid detectives! The Smithsonian is hosting sleepovers at the National Museum of American History for children ages 8-12 on select dates May through August. And of course, no Smithsonian sleepover would be complete without mysteries to solve, crafts, games, and a film. Spots will definitely go fast, so get your tickets ASAP!

Truckeroo: A Monthly Event for Your Belly


Looking for a bite to eat today? Stop by Truckeroo, a monthly food truck event happening TODAY at Half and M Streets SE. It looks like there will be a wide variety of food truck nosh, from cupcakes to lobster to Korean and Cajun bites, and everything in between! Check out DCist’s weekend picks for…

A Great Show for A Great Cause


This weekend, DC Insider Tours headed to a neighborhood we don’t often get get to visit, H Street! Located in Northeast DC, just east of Union Station, H Street is in the middle of a revival. Efforts are being made to restore it to its former popularity, replacing boarded-up shops with bustling boutiques, eateries, and…

Bringing Your Dog to DC?

Kaylee and Bo enjoying the fireworks on July 4th a few years back. Please note Bo’s fabulous mutton chops. Fancy DC private schools aren’t just for people! Becca and Oliver on Oliver’s obedience school graduation day. One…

Spotlight on: The Hirshhorn Museum


Whenever we take our tour guests to the National Mall, they always ask us the same question: “what’s that round thing?”  We completely understand their curiosity and bewilderment as they point to a strange, circular building by the National Air and Space Museum.  That round thing is in fact DC’s oddest-shaped and hardest-to-spell museum, the…

The Best Way to Pretend it’s Warm!


We’ve always regarded the U.S. Botanic Gardens as a must-see in Washington in the winter.  Walking into the heated greenhouse into a sea of flowers and plants is the best cure for cold-weather blues, and is sure to thaw you out even after lengthy snow and ice spells like we’ve been having. Things are about…

Our Pick for a Romantic Valentine’s Venue


There is one place in DC that never fails to sweep us off our feet: the National Mall!  So what better place to spend a romantic night then taking in the best view in the city?  That’s why our pick for most swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day outing is the The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden…