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Red Sky at Night, DC’s Delight!


When people think of Washington, DC, they don’t usually think about the beautiful natural environment that cocoons our city. For example, yesterday, it was absolutely impossible to ignore the sky. The sunrise and sunset were so vivid and brilliant, they took our breath away. The Washington Post snagged some great shots that you can check…

Today in Scandalous-tory

On this day in 1973, President Richard Nixon famously insisted, “I am not a crook!” to a crowd of reporters in Orlando, Florida (check out the footage here!). Chances are you’ve heard that line before, by why did he say it? Who thought he was a “crook” and why? Our tour guides have all the…

A Very Old Problem


It’s no secret that DC has struggled to keep the Anacostia River clean. Major policy changes and clean-up efforts have proved quite successful in recent years, and local residents are finally starting to feel like “D.C.’s forgotten river” has been welcomed back into the fold. So today when we were perusing the February 25, 1863…

WWDC – Witty Words in DC

Mount Joy Soul Saving Station sign

The wit of DC residents is everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.  DC Insider Tours’ loves this church’s sign we found in the Mt. Vernon Triangle area.  If you see any great examples of the famous Washington wit, send pictures our way so we can share!

Men on Horseback: DC’s Quiet Obsession

Georgetown, head of a horse,

I don’t know how I went ten years without noticing, but it appears that the District of Columbia has an almost clinical obsession with equestrian statues.  The District is seriously into statues of men on horseback, and they are scattered throughout our squares, circles, and obscure street corners.  Here are 5 facts about DC’s love…