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National Zoo

Our Top Picks: Holiday Lights in Washington, DC


If you’re in DC this time of year, don’t miss out on our holiday lights and decorations! Here are our top 3 picks for holiday displays: 1lja2538                   1. National Christmas…

Winter Fun at the National Zoo


The temperature might be dropping, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more outdoor fun to be had in DC! In fact, winter is one of the best times to visit the National Zoo.  Even on a chilly day, there is no better place to spend an afternoon with the family. For example, there was a…

Spring Over to the National Zoo!

Lions at the National Zoo

Now that it is finally starting to warm up in the District, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities DC has to offer!   DC Insider Tours’ recommendation?  Drop everything and head straight to the National Zoo!  There are more reasons to visit the zoo right now than could possibly fit in a single blog post,…