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DC Gets a Little Funky


As a city of businessmen and politicians, DC has earned a reputation as a “nerd town” of sorts. You can expect at any given time to look out over a sea of pressed and starched shirts, pencil skirts, and neckties.  But even the squarest city needs to let loose every once in a while.. and…

What Do You Think Thursday: Magnetism by Hand, Discharged Catfish, and Poor Willie Thompson


This week, on “What Do You Think Thursday”, we present to you one of the greatest untold mysteries of Washington, DC.  What do you get when you put together a young boy, Foggy Bottom, hand magnetism, and a bunch of stomach-dwelling catfish? We honestly have no clue, and our heads are starting to hurt from…



Get excited, folks!  This is the inaugural column of our new weekly installment, “What Do You Think Thursday”! Ever heard of the Evening Star?  It was a local DC newspaper in publication for 128 years, and is a crucial historical resource for the DC Insider Tours team.  Over the weekend, we were reading through some…

Winter Fun at the National Zoo


The temperature might be dropping, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more outdoor fun to be had in DC! In fact, winter is one of the best times to visit the National Zoo.  Even on a chilly day, there is no better place to spend an afternoon with the family. For example, there was a…

Chinatown Gets A Little Sweeter with . . . IT’SUGAR!


IMG_1990Last week, Chinatown welcomed a new retailer to its bustling main strip along 7th street, NW.   The colorful new shop, IT’SUGAR, specializes in candy and novelty items, from packs of decade-specific candy (see picture below) to 5 lb giant gummy bears to bacon-flavored lip balm.  There…

Your Wednesday Drinking Guide!


DC may not be famous for its food, but it is certainly known for its booze!  In this city, Wednesdays offer just as much possibility for great drinking as the weekends, particularly during DC Beer Week.  If you’re looking for an epic night in the middle of the week, check out the Washington Post’s guide…

The Alien’s Guide to the Ruins of Washington, DC


DC loves to embrace the weird.  Once, on a tour, we saw a group of people having a pillow fight next to the Washington Monument.  Naturally, one of them was dressed as a banana.  Another time, we saw a man attack another man with a hot dog.  Just another day in the life here in…

Capital Fringe Festival 2013: July 11-28


While Washington, DC may not be famous for its arts scene, it is certainly known for the annual Capital Fringe Festival 2013 that kicks off today!  The District can boast that this is the second largest unjuried Fringe Festival in the nation, where performing arts of all types are debuted in a variety of venues…

Awesome People and Awesome Time at Awesome Con 2013

Awesome Con 2013, Washington, DC

IMG_1284 Bo and I felt so lucky to represent DC Insider Tours at DC’s first-ever Awesome Con this weekend!  And the Con did not disappoint.  Neither of us had been to anything like this before (although we always wanted to!), and it was an incredibly cool…