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  • Chevron down Bo - Owner & Founder, Insider Guide

    “There are so many stories hidden on every corner, and that’s what I want to share,” says Bo, 33, who has a ponytail, a square jaw, and the infectious enthusiasm of someone preparing to climb Mount Everest . . .”

    –Susannah Breslin, Forbes, October 31, 2013

    You don’t have to spend much time with Bo to realize why he makes a stellar tour guide.  A charismatic person and natural storyteller, he can often be found lighting up a room with his fascinating personal stories and charming personality.  While this is simply Bo’s nature, these particular characteristics were developed and fine-tuned over many years.  For example, Bo worked in the hospitality industry for six years and competed in speech and debate throughout college (he is a consecutive two-time Florida state champion for parliamentary debate).  Even now, as an attorney, he argues cases before various United States Courts of Appeals located all over the country, and he has been a guest lecturer at Georgetown University Law Center.  But what Bo loves most of all is entertaining audiences of all sizes as an Insider Guide!

    Bo moved to Washington in 2003 after he graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) to attend The George Washington University Law School (Go Colonials!).  He was surprised how quickly the city won him over.  Indeed, the architecture, history, energy, and people he discovered here are what inspired him to use his special skills to create tours that would allow others to be as enchanted by the city as he was.

    Bo is now a practicing lawyer in the District of Columbia, and he spends his spare time sharing his DC expertise with others through DC Insider Tours.  His knowledge, along with his passion and infectious enthusiasm for DC, makes Bo a true DC Insider!

    Insider Guide since 2011

    The George Washington University Law School, 2006 (JD)

    University of Florida, 2003 (Major, Political Science; Minor, English)

    Utrecht University, Summer 2002

    McLaughlin Scholar

  • Chevron down Becca - Director of Operations, Insider Guide

    A bundle of energy and all smiles, Becca is a spunky tour guide who easily wins over everyone she meets (and she meets a lot of people!). Growing up in nearby Maryland, she spent much of her childhood exploring the District’s many museums and sites. By the time she moved to Washington in 2007 to attend George Washington University, she was already familiar with much of the area’s history.

    As a true nature lover, she first debuted her tour guide skills at the Smithsonian National Zoo hosting children’s birthday parties and guiding tours for party guests. This was a natural fit for her given her bubbly personality and gift for storytelling. The zoo remains Becca’s favorite place in Washington, DC, and she visits her animal friends there every chance she gets.

    After graduating college, Becca tried a few things before realizing that her niche is actually in multiple disciplines. Now she splits her time between whipping people into shape as a fitness instructor, writing and publishing children’s books, and sharing her passion for the nation’s capital with DC Insider Tours guests. With so many occupations, it’s no wonder that Becca has appeared on local television and that her first picture book, the Tiniest Tree Frog, is being used in DC schools.

    Becca loves getting to know visitors from all over the globe as a tour guide, and makes it a point to befriend every guest on her tours. And, as our creative consultant, Becca contributes with blog and other social media postings, so you can get to know her before you even step foot in the District.

    Insider Guide since 2013

    The George Washington University, 2011 (Major, Middle East Studies; Minor, Biological Anthropology)

    University of London, Fall 2009

  • Chevron down Frank - Friend of DC Insider Tours

    DC Insider Tours is proud to collaborate with Frank Wright, one of Washington, DC’s most celebrated artists. An eighth generation Washingtonian, Frank was educated in D.C. public schools before attending American University on a scholarship from the National Society of Arts and Letters. Frank then went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Art History from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and he was awarded in 1956 a Leopold Schepp Foundation Fellowship for study in Florence, Italy. Shortly afterwards, in 1959, Frank received the first Paul J. Sachs Fellowship in Graphic Arts, which took him to Alventhorpe Gallery in Philadelphia, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, and the National Gallery of Art here in DC. The fellowship concluded in Paris, France, where he studied printmaking for three years at the famous graphic studio known as the Atelier 17.

    When Frank returned to America in 1964, he opened a painting-printmaking studio. Located in the heart of old Washington, Frank’s studio was inside the LeDriot Building, which is adjacent to two of the most historic buildings in the city: the U.S. Patent Office and the City Post Office, both started when Andrew Jackson was President. Had he been working in the studio nearly 100 years earlier, Frank could have watched John Wilkes Booth race away from Ford’s theater after assassinating Lincoln, and, indeed, from that studio he watched the race riots of 1968. He spent the next 32 years working out of that studio and teaching drawing and printmaking, first at the Corcoran School of Art and, subsequently, at The George Washington University.

    Throughout this career, Frank has had major commissions and exhibitions, and his paintings and prints have appeared in major museums worldwide. Frank’s works portray scenes, landscapes, people and historical events from an array of subjects, but he has pursued an intense interest in Washington, DC. He has focused on contemporary Washington as well as its days during the Civil War. Unsurprisingly, he has developed an unparalleled treasure trove of rare maps, drawings, letters, diaries, newspapers, daguerreotypes and books relating to the history and evolution of the city of Washington and the nation’s capital.

    Frank’s incredible wealth of knowledge and collection of primary historical documents and artifacts has rendered him an invaluable asset to DC Insider Tours. In addition to being a treasured friend, Frank provides a rare look into Washington’s past that makes our team even more stellar. While some of our tours feature his works as visual aids, be sure to also visit his works on his web site, click here. No matter how you use DC Insider Tours during your travels, you can be sure that Frank Wright was a part of your trip.

  • Chevron down Kevin - Insider Guide

    Kevin is a DC native (well, Northern Virginia, but who’s counting?) who loves to share stories of the area and the generations of his family who have lived in and around here. His family members first came to DC during the Great Depression when his great grandfather landed a job with the Federal Government, and they’ve been around ever since. And some of them still work for the government! Kevin adds to his tours with personal stories of family, love, and war that give context to the city’s larger historical events. History, for Kevin, is the most fun when it’s personal, relatable, and surprising.

    Kevin graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA and worked for a time at McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. Between Williamsburg, Princeton, and DC, Kevin has had the privilege to live in some wonderfully historic places! Because of this, he’s particularly attuned to historical details and enthusiastically shares interesting tidbits and anecdotes at every turn.

    When not sharing stories on the streets, Kevin is sharing them on the stage. He has trained as an actor and now pursues his passion as a theatre director. He’s constantly thrilled to work with the many fantastic theatre companies in DC, helping to realize full and exciting artistic visions on the stage. He also often works as a teaching artist, inspiring the next generation of theatrical talent. Kevin is passionate about getting everyone interested in theater, so if you’re looking for a recommendation on DC’s awesome performing arts scene, he’s your man.

    Kevin brings not only his theatricality, but also his viewpoint as an artist to his tours. He loves to dig into the vision of the architects and designers who have shaped DC’s mansions and memorials, examine how these visions have been received over the years, and, most of all, give the guests on his tours the best tools to appreciate the amazing works of art they encounter.

    Insider Guide since 2015

    The College of William and Mary, 2014 (Double Major in Theatre and International Relations)

  • Chevron down Molly - Insider Guide

    Molly hails from suburban Maryland and has wanted to live in DC for as long as she can remember, so she is living the dream! She is a PhD candidate in 17th century Dutch art history at the University of Maryland, College Park, and is now writing her dissertation as well as teaching an art history course for freshmen at UMD. She loves teaching because it allows her to geek out about art in front of other people as opposed to in the library.

    Molly has worked at the National Gallery of Art as a curatorial assistant in the Dutch paintings department, and at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden as a curatorial/editorial research assistant on several major exhibitions. She also previously volunteered as a docent at the Tudor Place Historic House and Gardens in Georgetown, former home of the descendants of Martha Washington. She loves all of the (mostly free!) museums in DC and can’t recommend them enough!

    Prior to her graduate studies, Molly graduated magna cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa from Washington and Lee University in 2010 with a double major in Art History and Sociology, and she will glad tell you all about the 2 great Americans after whom her school was named.

    When she is not devoting her life to art and history, she loves to run half marathons and tap dance in a metro-area performance group. All throughout adolescence, Molly was a competition dancer (Dance Moms style) and wishes it was acceptable to dance down the street instead of walking. She also loves volunteering as an English as a Second Language teacher at her church, because along with the spotlight, she can never get enough of teaching people things.
    Insider Guide since 2015

    University of Maryland (PhD candidate, 17th century Dutch art history)

    Washington and Lee University, 2010 (Double Major, Art History and Sociology)

  • Chevron down Matt - Insider Guide

    Easygoing, affable, and full of enthusiasm, Matt loves sharing his passion for history and storytelling with just about anyone who will listen. A seasoned performer, Matt is always ready to go the extra mile to entertain, educate, and inspire.

    Matt grew up in an adventurous family (his grandmother was the very first woman to summit Mt. McKinley in Alaska), and he moved around the country repeatedly throughout childhood and into adulthood, with most of his younger years spent in the Boston area. Following in his sister’s footsteps, he became a professional actor at age 10 and made his national television debut at 13, playing the part of a young Ted Kennedy in the ABC-TV mini-series The Kennedys of Massachusetts. This was the perfect fusion of his two major lifelong interests: performance and politics (and the history thereof).

    Having accomplished a thing or two in entertainment, Matt set his sights on civics after high school, earning a history degree at the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) and working on grassroots political campaigns for more than 15 years, which gave him the opportunity to get to know the people and culture in every region of the country.

    Matt lived in DC briefly in the late 1990s but moved back for good with his wife in 2009. Now back in the entertainment industry, Matt is developing his skills as a comedian on local stages throughout the area, and acts in local theater when he is not giving tours of all that Washington has to offer.

    Insider Guide since 2014

    University of Washington, 2008 (Major, History)